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One of this country’s leading educators and studio furniture makers, Alphonse Mattia dismisses the dichotomy between functional and nonfunctional objects. He prefers instead the concept of “usefulness” – something that conveys meaning and emotion along with utility. Mattia teaches at Rhode Island School of Design and has received fellowships from Massachusetts Artists Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.

His work is in the many private collections and the permanent collections of The Museum of Arts and Design, New York, The Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian, The Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, The Yale University Art Gallery and The Phillip Morris Corporation.

Smokestack Studios, located in Fall River Massachusetts, a newly established space with room for ten or eleven artists was developed and is owned and operated by Alphonse and three other designer makers.
The members of Smokestack Studios are listed at the People & Places link.

I divide my time between teaching, my family (Rosanne, Isabel and Annise) and my studio in Fall River. I work on commissions, speculative pieces and limited batch production runs.

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